AfyAfrika is a Youth-led, Youth serving organization that its mission is to improve health and self-sufficiency among underserved youth through health promotion, education and training, advocacy, and research. Through dynamic programming responsive to the needs of young people, they overcome barriers enabling them to have healthy and Self-sufficient lives. By expanding our Knowledge base, Advocacy, Strategic Partnerships and Enhancing Service Provision and Uptake we have made great strides, we have been objective in expanding and increasing by scope, information for young people and sex workers about HIV, human rights, sexual health, condom use, safer sex, and accessing health services. Expand by scope Information about HIV, STIs and condoms for clients and others involved in the sex industry such as establishment operators and staff, taxi drivers, police and local authorities. We have also expanded access to ‘prevention commodities’, including a variety of appropriate condoms, lubricants, medications, contraceptives, and food and water security; through partnerships. Moreover, we have also expanded access to sexual and reproductive health services encompassing diagnosis, treatment and care. We have also developed mechanisms to ensure and promote freedom from abuse, discrimination, and persecution. Importantly, we have expanded access to cultural, educational and community activities that can help Young Female Sex Workers realize their economic and personal goals. Finally yet importantly, we have endeavored to include sex workers in the design, research, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of policies and programs that affect their lives as well as building the capacity of communities and service providers to support all sex workers, including those living with HIV, to achieve their goals. We also work with communities to eliminate FGM in our villages.

Our Values

Youth rights: We believe that young people have a right to the information and services they need to make responsible decisions about their lives.

Respect:  Dignity, caring about feelings, concern and appreciation for others; openness to other viewpoints; commitment to understanding and embracing our many individual differences.

Innovation- We will recognize that "the way we have always done it" may or may not be the best and most efficient way to deliver service. We will apply creative and cost effective solutions in delivering services to our community with a goal of continuously improving the quality of life.

Integrity -Our commitment to integrity lies at the heart of who we are and what we believe. We bring honesty, fairness, professionalism and a strict code of ethics to our dealings with our donors, agencies, and the community that we serve.


Our Partners/Donors


MTV Staying Alive Foundation, USAID APHIA Plus, Youth Service America, Constituency Aids Control Council-Kenya

Contact Information:

Esmael Omar Njuguna

Executive Director,


P.O BOX 73-20500,

Narok, Kenya.

Email: afyafrika@gmail.com

Cell Phone: +254721243752