AAN (Adolescents Activist Network) was established in 2002, to provide a plate form to the activists (Peer Educators) AAS, to organize themselves, explore their leadership capabilities, and create awareness about HIV & AIDS among their peers and different groups of the society. As the adolescents became young, they decided to rename it as Activist’s Advocacy Network (AAN), to continue the mission of activists to play their due role in the society. It has the fallowing, vision, mission, goal and objectives;


·         Vision; Bring Social Change in the Society by Young People

·         Mission: To enable the young people to reflect and act for the betterment of the society.

·         Goal: To explore, Health, Education and Social Justice issues and problems for actions.

·         Objectives;

o   To provide a plate form to young people to develop and explore their capabilities

o   To promote the human values such as acceptance, coexistence and tolerance

o   To provide information and skills that are important for happy and prosperous life


·         Activities;

o   Activists are responsible to organize out reach activities as peer educators on voluntarily bases for the awareness and prevention of HIV & AIDS and Hepatitis B & C infections

o   AAN Theatre Group is responsible to perform theatre performances on health, education, peace, minority and human right issues.

o   On the invitation of other organizations prepare and perform theatre performances on different issues

o   Organize advocacy seminars and campaigns for the rights of People Living with HIV & AIDS.

o   Networking and coordination with youth development organization at local, national and international level

o   Mobilize resources to accomplish the vision, mission and goal of AAN.

·         Target groups.

o   Young people especially the neglected and deprived groups of Pakistani society.